Google like an LRT – A Review

Since starting this online technology class, it has been a quest of mine to incorporate technology as Learning Resource Teacher.

As part of my job, I see small groups for reading/writing/comprehension strategies. My first endeavour was choosing to motivate students (to practise the specific skill of fluency) through the simplicity of voice recording.  I then took this data and shared it with them and their families through an app called Class Dojo. You can read my review here.

The next part of this project was to have a crack at Google Classroom.  I was already having huge success with students of various classrooms sharing their Google Docs with me on a regular basis but wanted to create a Google Classroom we could call our own.  A separate place where we could have ongoing communication about the work we were doing.

I found this process was too difficult for my students to manage.  I was finding students were having success with their own classroom accounts, but having an extra one to organize was just too much. Like a lot of new ideas, it can start out exciting but peter out when it becomes more work.  I found that returning to what was already working (sharing their google docs) was more efficient and more helpful.

I also needed to teach them it can be very beneficial to share their work, questions and achievements with all the people who are there to help – not just me or their class teacher.  During family conferences, I stressed the idea of students sharing their work with families, showcasing their capabilities while also teaching the art of accountability and homework.

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1 thought on “Google like an LRT – A Review

  1. Google Docs have won me over years ago – I trust Google with more about my life than I should.

    Implementation and management of Google Classroom can be overwhelming at the beginning. I’m happy to hear you called an audible to avoid frustrations. I would have done the same and given it another try the next semester (maybe) 🙂


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