Reading Fluency and ClassDojo – A Review

So for my final project, I’ve been trying to find ways to engage students, teachers and families as a Learning Resource teacher.

1).Voice Memos app

Recording students using the simple voice recorder on my iPhone is the easy part.. and btw they LOVE hearing themselves read!

Please click on the page below to hear the student reading this passage:

2). Image result for class dojo

After creating several voice files, I needed to figure out how to upload them not only this blog but into a private message in Class Dojo.  Voice recordings are easily uploaded to Google Drive and then I just copied the shared link into the message.

If you are not too sure how to set up Class Dojo here is a quick YouTube of the process:


What I love about Class Dojo is that is relatively easy to navigate.  As an Administrator and Learning Resource teacher, I do not have my own class, yet I find it fabulous for engagement with multiple classrooms at once. For such things as reading groups, I find it simple to message parents about missing books or about reading progress.

Class Dojo resources for parents are found here.

Students love it for points.  If a student brings back their reading folder I can give them instant Dojo points which keep students motivated to read.


A negative about Class Dojo is the frustration of all this work/posting/messaging and getting nothing in reply.  I have yet to hear back from some parents when it comes to the voice recording, so feedback is limited.

As an administrator, I also hear the frustrations teachers have when told they can no longer download whatever they want and the idea that apps such as Class Dojo may not be allowed next year.

Our school board is currently tackling the idea of privacy (see LAFOIP – The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).  Steps are being taken to ensure that sensitive confidential and/or personally identifiable information is not present or shared.  This has been a huge undertaking in our system, involving countless hours, legal fees and knowledge when it comes to protecting student information.  Teachers need to look beyond their classroom and towards the thousands of students in our system.  What seems like digital safety to one may (legally) not be digitally safe in the fine print.

So just as we have gotten used to/fond of particular apps, new rules and policies crush them… but knowledge and understanding are key factors to understanding this process.


to be continued…

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3 thoughts on “Reading Fluency and ClassDojo – A Review

  1. Thank you for sharing this,

    As a parent, I was on the receiving end of Class Dojo – and to be honest, I did not dig the app too much. I remember thinking – “just email me”. But after reading this post and watching how it works in the background – I can see myself liking the App as a Teacher.

    It will be interesting to see if they will keep the app for the coming years.



    1. I have never been on the receiving end of the app, so I appreciate your opinion! I am one for emailing or calling for sure – and thought I would try out the app for this project. I am hearing about all the privacy agreement ‘stuff’ with our board and thinking that they will not approve of it in the future because SeeSaw is similar and already approved. Thanks for your input!


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