Digital Identity on Bourbon Street!?!

For the past few days, I have been in New Orleans, Louisiana. The amazing city includes anything from alligators (alive and in jerky form), plantation, swamp and cemetery tours, history galore, live music and impressive food!

And a place called Bourbon Street.

Now even though Bourbon Street would not be a regular hang out for me, I knew it had to be done.  To my surprise the party atmosphere was contagious and I had an amazing time!

As I stood out on the balcony (on the left), I have to admit digital citizenship came to my mind:

1) Cheering, drinking and dancing with the crowd on this famous Mardi Gras street.

2) Watching beads being thrown to men and women in exchange for breasts.

As I went back and forth in the presence of mixed feelings, I couldn’t help but imagine the amount of videos and photos being taken of people in public party mode.


With the risk of online exposure, what drives others to partake in ‘risky’ behaviour (though I admire their courage to express themselves as they please)?

Should possible repercussions of these actions be less criminal because atmospheres like these (similar to Vegas) are expected and accepted?

Who gets to decide what is acceptable/unacceptable behaviour in the first place?

What drives people to post detrimental photos and spread gossip of another person?   What do they get out of shaming others?

At the end of the day, I strive for personal and online behaviour that respectful and non judgmental, reflecting upon the fact I only have control over my own actions. Why bother judging actions (of others) when I don’t have control of them in the first place?

In my opinion, digital citizenship has a lot to do with spreading the happiness and enjoyment of life and even more to do with teaching respect and empathy.

That being said, I’m going to relish in the culture and vibrancy of this city!


1). I got to hold this cutie-pie baby alligator.  I miss him already (his name was Handbag – for real).

2). The swamp is a magical place.  If it weren’t for all the alligators, it would be a peaceful place to live.







7 thoughts on “Digital Identity on Bourbon Street!?!

  1. The fact that digital citizenship came to mind while standing on Bourbon Street is quite impressive and also quite understandable. EC&I 832 has really made me re-evaluate my digital identity and the pieces of me that I put out into the world. While we can control our use of technology and the things that we post, we can’t control the images or comments of those around us – not in the best of times or when we’re caught up in the moment. Empathy and understanding are truly a must when viewing and posting information online. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you had an amazing time in New Orleans!

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  2. I think the questions you pose are very fitting! These are questions I often find myself asking. I am very purposeful and aware of what I post online but I often wonder is this necessary?

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  3. Interesting perspective! What a great experience as well. I especially agree with the importance of being reflective of our own actions and not dwelling on the actions of others. This is a lesson for our youth as well.

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  4. I really enjoyed the questions you posted in your response, particularly when mentioning how party atmospheres can change our behaviour. I think this way of identifying location is something that really struggles coming across in our online identities. We may (as teachers) act a certain way on a totally different city and country but those actions can still haunt us in our professional lives. Maybe it’s time for this to change into a less judgemental thing?

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  5. What an interesting trip! I think the questions you posed at the start of your post were very relevant but your conclusion that someone else’s behaviour isn’t up for judgement is important too. There is certainly a fine line between questioning and judgement in the situation you experienced and there are many elements at play. I wonder if people are more or less aware of their photo/video being taken in a situation like this? Are they thinking about how it might impact their digital identity (my mind jumps quickly to what their workplaces will think)? Of course there is the sexism piece as well with the exchange of a token (beads) for a sort of voyeurism of the female body. You’ve definitely got me thinking… and this situation can be unpacked in so many ways! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I have really enjoyed your digital journey this term. I find that it really is challenging deciding how to keep separate, or meld my personal and professional profile online to just have “one”. In situations like you were in, it’s challenging…we deserve the right to live in the moment, to experience life and the excitement of being “whoever we want to be” in that moment…. but we also always have an “educator hat” on. It’s the reality of the job that we have chosen… and it is the reality of some of the choices that we have accepted to forego in the quest to guide young minds. It looks like the choices you made on your trip, and those photo evidence that trails your trip are all ones you can live with down the road. I hope you had an amazing trip, educator hat and all! 🙂

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  7. Thanks for this! NOLA should be on everyone’s wish list, especially the swamp tours. Such a culture filled city. I think educators need to find balance. Having fun and being professional. It may be hard (although easy in NOLA to make a few assumptions about what would be considered inappropriate;) haha). Your post reminds me we are always “on” whether at home or on vacation, and the importance of choosing wisely what we share online

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