How much of yourself do you put out there?

She said what??

I find it very stressful to think of meshing my personal and private lives on social media, yet this blog may be my first attempt at this.

Being in the education business I have to watch myself. Though I’m often loud (borderline obnoxious at times) and have a bit of a truckers mouth, I feel the rebellion rising within me to shrug off the pressure to be professional 24/7. For example, I’m the teacher who might pretend not to see you while in the grocery store. I even have a code word with my spouse that just means I’ve seen someone, can’t talk and I need to run away. Childish – yes. Professional – no.

I love social media and I love the connectedness I feel- with family, friends and worldly events. I understand my students when they get excited about SnapChat filters and music blogs. I too get the same false rush of love from LeBron James when I watch his Instagram story! I get it!

What are your thoughts of branding yourself on social media?
Should we keep the different sides of ourselves separate or is the need for simplicity and efficiency pressuring us to merge them? How do we do this safely and successfully?

How Do You Balance Personal and Professional on Social Media?

(A thought provoking article I came across when trying to decide what to do).
Got answers? I’d like to know.



1 thought on “How much of yourself do you put out there?

  1. Ah I know your struggle meshing personal and professional lives…it’s a fine line and tight balance. I work with adults (18+ for the most part, though the odd university student is still 16 or 17) and find it even trickier with young adults. I get Facebook requests weekly from students, and have students flat out tell me they looked for me on Facebook/Instagram. My general rule of thumb is if we have a good relationship based on positive university experiences, I will accept a friend/follow request once a student completes their undergraduate program. Of course, this does keep me on my toes and reminds me to be cautious of the brand I create for myself. I am not a huge poster and sharer (like you this blog is the most personal I have been on the internet since my teenage days!) which I think helps. I look forward to reading more about your project. There may be some overlap with my project and yours as well (
    PS I think avoiding students in public is actually professional! I generally will only talk to a student if they approach me first. Surprisingly I get avoided/pretended to be ignored often which reminds me of their right to privacy and that my rule likely works best for my situation. I am sure younger children feel different about seeing their teacher in public!
    (Sorry for the worlds longest comment!)


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